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It was when they were cleaning up Tosh's desk that Jack found the tiny silver chain with the charms on it.

He sat with it for a moment, moving it every so often just so in order to hear the soft musical sounds and smiled as he noted the various charms. It was as he laid it out on the desk in front of her computer that Gwen came past and saw what he was doing. It was as she peeped over his shoulder and saw what it was that she began to speak.

"She picked it up one day as we were coming back from lunch." Gwen explained, her fingers moving as well over the tiny charms. "That one there was for faith." She replied, examining the silver and crystal cross. "The pink circle was just because she liked that shade of pink."

Jack nodded and pointed to the next one. "What about that then?" Gwen chuckled. "All charm bracelets she said should have a small dog on it. The yellow was for hope."

"And this one?" Ianto replied as he came over with their coffees.

"That one she said was because she was good at breaking through computer secrets." Gwen replied wisely. "Hence the lock and key."

Ianto peeked at the next one. "Peace because that was what we work towards as a goal right or is it because it's the same shade of pink?"

Gwen chuckled and bussed his cheek. "Both."

Jack called the next one. "For luck yeah?"

She shook her head. "Because she said you had horseshoes coming out of your ass."

Ianto coughed, or rather it appeared he was covering up a laugh as he turned away from them a moment.

"A bra?"

Gwen grinned. "With matching slip because a girl must always be prepared."

Jack's eyebrows rose. "Isnt that the boy scouts?"

Ianto saved them all by simply raising his glass. "Here's to Tosh and her love of whimsy."

The others raised theirs. "Amen."
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