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Missy *points to icon* is the first dog that I've owned on my own.

She's 2 and a combination of shih-tzu and poodle. For the first six months of her life I was told that she was healthy and perfect. Until she had her pre-op spay bloodwork done and at that time we learnt that she had a high ALT level.

Many blood tests and bile acid tests and ultrasounds later, we had a diagnosis of liver shunt. Which would require surgery to put a band around the shunt (which we were told at the time of the ultrasound was seen loud and clear)

Lo and behold, after the surgery ... there wasn't an external shunt, what it *was* was an condition called Microvascular Dysplasia or MVD for short. That it was several internal little shunts and to band them all would require her liver being cut open and it was compared to trying to find an air bubble in a chunk of cheese.

Translated: she'd bleed to death on the table.

So here we are almost a year later (End of October will be a full year) and she's still here. It can be controlled with diet and meds and to those who told me that she'd die before her first year, I can say you're not always right.

I've learnt that it's okay to tell the Vet that they don't always know what's right. To stand up for what you've seen in your dog because if they have a liver condition, massive shots all at once would make things worse instead of trying to make it better.

I never understood why people would refer to their dogs as heart dogs, but then she came into my life and now I do.

My enjoyments in life are many, but my greatest are reading, writing, listening to music and her.

And that is the end of my first post about m'girl.


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