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Title: Rosa Mystica
Chapter: 2/?
Written by: dancingbarefoot
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Beta: None but if anyone’s interested let me know.
Rating: PG up to R, we’ll see as it goes.
A/N: I’m a Romanov and Royalty buff and so decided to mix that with Torchwood and here we go.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. No copyright infringement is intended and the real folks in this own themselves.

“I swear we have an archivist.”

Toshiko Sato turned around with a chuckle. “And you would be correct in swearing that however you sent said archivist out to get the body parts off and out from the SUV.”

“I did?” Jack paused mid thought and tilted his head before chuckling. “So I did, thank you my Tosh for reminding me of why I pay you the big bucks.”

“I thought it was for how I managed to crack into UNIT’s private files.”

The discussion on just why it was that she was truly there was cut short by the cog door sliding open and the rich melodic tones of the illusive Torchwood archivist could be heard humming something as he went to dispose of his latex gloves and cleaning supplies.

Tosh turned back around to Jack. “I believe that’s the fellow that you seek.”

“And so it is.” Jack chuckled again, pausing only to peer at her screen before waving his hand towards the computer. “Mainframe found your error.”

As Tosh praised the computer, Jack went to go see his lover who was coming back up looking put back together with his waistcoat unbuttoned, his jacket slung over one arm.

“You know Jack, the next time that you and Owen decide to play tag with the target, could you please make sure that they don’t self explode upon being tagged it?”

The older man grinned. “But it was worth it to see Owen’s expression when he did it!”

“No, it wasn’t worth it.” Owen called out as he stalked past them and went to his desk to stew a moment.

Jack fought and won his need to laugh, not wanting a more disturbed Doctor on staff than Owen already was, so instead turned his attentions back to Ianto.

“The reason I was looking for you was about your vacation request.”

The younger man’s eyebrows rose. “I put it in weeks ago; it’s only for a few days. Tosh said that the rift should be – “

Jack held up his hand to stop him. “I just wanted to let you know that it was okay, you can go. I just wanted to know where you were off to... just in case we need to call you back for extra help.”

Ianto’s brow furrowed, for months he had been trying hard to come up with how to bring this up with his ... well he couldn’t truly explain to himself what they were. And for months, he hadn’t had a logical way to broach the fact that he wasn’t who his records said he was.

“Do you know the story of the monster of Glamis?”

"No." Jack’s expression turned confused, slowly he shook his head. “Should I?”

Ianto took a breath. “I think you should, because there’s something that I need you to know about.”

The conversation had to stop with the timing of a very loud rift alert that sent the team scrambling for their gear.


1913 – Spala
The screams were never ending, the staff was unable to tell where the weakened little boy found the strength to continue them as he prayed aloud for someone to come and help him.

It had taken a call from Rasputin to help staunch the hemorrhage that the court physicians were sure was going to be the death of the young heir.

Upon his arrival to Torchwood Two, Ianto had did some research on the holy man and found that he wasn’t truly holy at all. Grigori Rasputin was an alien from Hakol. It explained his ability to harness psychic energy and help the ailing little Prince.


Ianto’s memory of that time faded as he arrived at his destination, greeting the guards who directed him where to park, the servants coming for his luggage.

“The family has just left for church about 30 minutes ago, her Majesty had left word for you that your usual room has been made ready. Oh yes, also Sir Robert is waiting for you in the library.”

The young man nodded and thanked the lady in waiting before heading for the stairs.

It wasn’t often that he was asked to come to Balmoral, but when he was requested, he had no choice but to obey.

Officially, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was his boss, but he knew her by another name.

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