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Title: Rosa Mystica
Chapter: 4/?
Written by: dancingbarefoot
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Beta: None but if anyone’s interested let me know.
Rating: PG up to R, we’ll see as it goes.
A/N: I’m a Romanov and Royalty buff and so decided to mix that with Torchwood and here we go.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. No copyright infringement is intended and the real folks in this own themselves.

Jack called while Ianto was standing in the middle of the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle. Reaching for his phone from its normal place in his pocket, he smiled at the caller ID as he pushed talk.

“And what may I owe the honour sir?”

“The monster of Glamis, I finally read about it.”

“And by read about it, I’m to gather you had Tosh get you the information or Gwen found you Cliff Notes?”

Jack harrumphed at that, grinning at the eye roll he knew was on the other end.

“I will have you know that all by my lonesome during my weekly teleconference with UNIT, did the research and learnt that the monster of Glamis was a family secret that was told only to the current head of the family and his heir. Coincidentally, Glamis was the family seat of the Bowes-Lyon family, a daughter of that family became the Duchess of York, mother of our current Queen.”

Ianto looked pleased, Jack did it.

“So by this, I’m going to go off on the limb here and guess that you have something to tell me.”

“I do.”

Jack tried for brevity. “Just so long as it’s not another surprise in the basement then I’m going to be okay.”

“No, no surprises in the basement. But it has to do with my past. Before I came to Torchwood.”
For some reason, that phrase had Jack remembering their visit to the mental hospital. When upon speaking to Christina, she had focused on Ianto and mentioned that he had been touched.

“Then I’ll wait till you come back to me. Once you’re home ... in Cardiff I mean.”
Ianto sighed. “That would be good sir. I think this is a story that you need to be sitting down for.”


He shook his head, gesturing to the head of the collection that he had found the pieces he needed to have copied before speaking again.

“Let’s just say that you know how we’re never sure of all your stories yeah?”

Jack raised an eyebrow. “I’m not sure I’m going to like this.”

Ianto failed to hide the mirth from his voice. “I’m going to top yours.”


1920 – Windsor
Victoria, Marchioness of Milford Haven had once been the eldest of six living siblings. She had survived the loss of her mother Princess Alice when she was 15. She had endured the loss of her grandmother and namesake. She had survived the First World War and the loss of her family title due to the anti-Germanic sentiment in England.

But the loss of her sisters in Russia along with her nieces and nephew still was as fresh as the day she had learnt of it.

“You can’t expect me to sit here George and listen to these lies. If they were massacred, then how can we have this... man tell us that the one most likely to NOT survive such an ordeal did in fact survive and he’s in ... CARDIFF?”

Mindful of the situation, Charles nodded. “As you all know, your late Grandmother gave us the sanction to run our organization above the government and to answer to only the Monarch. Once we identified him by physical examination and tested him against the DNA we have on file from your brother the Grand Duke.”

Irene rolled her eyes as Victoria latched on to that tidbit. “Ernst KNEW?!”

“He hoped sister. He hoped as we all held on to hope that someone survived Yekaterinburg. Torchwood has the tools to clarify things that the public doesn’t know about. I believe them.”

Victoria turned around, eyes wide. “Tests can lie.”

King George shook his head, handing his cousin the file. “Blood doesn’t. That boy is Alexei.”

Victoria’s husband Louis, his arms around his upset wife looked at the assorted people.

“Then what do we do to help him?”

“Obviously with the state of Russia at this time, he can’t go home.” Charles spoke as he looked at the piano with the assorted family photos, reminding him of the late Queen’s immense influence. Hardly a royal family in Europe was without a child or grandchild of Victoria and Albert within their walls.

“Can he travel?” Irene asked quietly.

“He’s stable.” Charles replied, handing them another file. “With his condition, it was hard.”

“Haemophilia, Mr Gaskell. Go ahead now and say it.” Victoria snorted. “Enough of sugar coating it, the boy has haemophilia.”

“He has what he has. The main point is that we’ve managed to allow the disease to go dormant. We’ve created a pill that as long as it’s taken every day, can keep him from harm. He’ll be able to have a normal life.”


Ianto reappeared in Cardiff on a Wednesday.

He knew this because as he stood in the middle of the HUB, he found it empty for just moments before the team came in. Gwen in the lead shaking her head with an amused tone in her voice as she called over her shoulder, Jack and Tosh just behind her and Owen coming in last with a ... was that a plastic bin liner over his clothes.

“Owen, just because it appears to have made up on, it doesn’t mean it’s on the pull.”

Monday was weevils, Tuesday was whatever decided to come through the rift usually turning out to be some form of Alien toaster, Wednesday was embarrassing moments with Owen, Thursday was team building day and Friday was Jack’s favourite day ... anything goes.

“How was I supposed to know that it was a male?”

“Try listening to me when I say don’t?” Jack called out, laying the box on the nearby desk.

“And that would be coffee coming up.” Ianto called out, earning surprise hellos and welcome backs from the girls.

Jack of course had a grin on his face that was for Ianto alone before he mouthed. “Later.”

Ianto nodded and grinned before Owen let out a “Coffee today Jonesy!”

Checking the time, Ianto reached into his pocket and got the container of pills out. To the average eye, it just seemed like an ordinary vitamin. Only he knew better and ensured that the HUB had the stockpile topped up as well as the ingredients to make more if required.

“Finally taking my request to heart, I’m pleased.”

Ianto paused with his glass of water half way up to his lips. “And that would be?”

“Vitamins.” Owen replied, coming to stand beside his friend. “As your doctor, I think that’s a great idea. With the hours we keep and the food we eat on the run here, that helps with that extra little bit.”

Ianto shot the water back in one gulp before nodding. “Yeah, I do listen sometimes.” He turned back around to finish with the coffee before putting the cups on the tray, holding out the medic’s. “And that’s why I’ll tell you that your biscuits are in the right hand tray in the fridge.”

“Always knew you were a good man there Jonesy.”


Ianto was facing the bank of windows in his apartment that allowed him to look down on the heart of the city when Jack came in. The darkness creeping in as buildings turned on the lights below him.

He could still remember the day that he had given Jack the key, the look of bewilderment sending the younger man into a belly laugh.

“I want you to have a proper home Jack.”

Ianto watched as Jack laid his coat over the back of the couch and came to stand behind him at the window.

As Jack’s arm slipped around his waist, Ianto leaned back.

“I often wonder just what it is that keeps you with me, what makes you stay.”

His American didn’t answer, just instead choosing to press a kiss into the curve of Ianto’s neck.

“It was why I’ve not said anything to you about my secret. I love how well we fit, how we look when we’re together like this and every time I think on what I have to tell you and it kills something inside.”

Jack lifted his head and looked at his lover in the glass.

“I’m not a monster. But there is a secret that I hold that only was supposed to be told to the ruling Monarch and her heir... I went and got permission. That was why I was away Jack; I had to get permission to break that permission because I need you to know.”

Jack’s hands stilled from their position on Ianto’s shirt. “And what’s that Ianto?”

“I need the man who loves me to know everything. I don’t want anything to be hidden between us.”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“No, it doesn’t actually.” Ianto answered honestly. “But it ties into why it is that I hav<.e such an obvious dislike of your Doctor. It’s gone on long before Canary Wharf Jack.”

The Captain pressed a kiss behind the other man’s ear. “Then tell me.”

“I wasn’t born Ianto Jones.”

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