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There's a piece of music from BSG that's titled "Kara Remembers" that stuck in my head for like a good month after I heard it on the show.

This is the result of that.

Title: Dreamscape
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Summary: Storms and Booze = Strange things to the mind.

The dream always beings the same no matter where he is.

Ianto sits quietly alone at a piano, one hand resting against his cheek and his posture nothing like his normal, he's looser than when he was with Jack in their private moments, his shirt buttons at the top are undone and the tie nowhere to be seen as he idly plays the keys as if
they were Jack's own skin.

There's a pressure so slight that to Jack it feels as if a storm is coming and he can't do anything but watch the archivist as his expression changes ...

The softness and the shyness are carved away with each press of a key and replaced by something harder, as if knowledge was being fed to him in an alarming rate and yet Jack still can't reach him.

"Knowledge is power, it changes like water against rock Jack. It takes years and millennia but eventually everything turns to dust."

The cars come towards him as he stands on the hill and the figures come to him as if they were children returning to school, but where there is gentleness and love from Rhys and Gwen and a plea to stay, there is nothing from Ianto who turns away from him as he tries to explain.

"Without a mirror, what are you Jack? Without a conscious ... are you any worse than them?"

Ianto still sits in a dreamy state as he moves his hand away and begins to play in earnest.

The thunder is coming and Jack is swearing that his heart is beating faster in time with the storm.

The storm should have come months before and cleansed him, to make him the man that he wanted to be when he could touch Ianto in his sleep after they've been together, to be the man that Stephen adored whenever Alice allowed him to visit. To be the man who held innocence in two
forms and yet let them crumble on his watch.

The music is loud and Jack can't concentrate, can't breathe and he wonders .. hopes even that this is finally the end.

But as he comes back to Ianto, Jack feels like a piece broken and realizes it's all going to begin again, no matter where he runs.

He let go of their hands you see and while he lost Gray ... he caught Ianto and he rails that it shouldn't have been for nothing, he shouldn't have lost Ianto.

He caught him damnit, he should have had more time.

The storm crashes and it's only when Jack opens his eyes that he sees the piano stool empty and the final note lingering along with the left over strains of the storm.

The end is where we begin and Jack's eyes open to find the tiny welsh dragon mocking him from beside the bottle of hypervodka.

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