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Birthdate:Jun 26
People come into your life and people leave just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you

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Who Am I?
Nicky, owned by a little dog named Missy, Addicted Reader, Lover of Music, Collector of DVD's.
Torchwood, Doctor Who, The Tudors, Supernatural
Favorite Authors.
Diana Gabaldon, Anne Bishop, Kelley Armstrong, Frank Herbert, Stephanie Meyer, Tanya Huff, Naomi Novik.

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I'm Nicky, someone old enough to know better, young enough to say WHY?, I love music, family, friends and reserve the right to bitch about everything in this journal. I'll share pretty much anything and everything in here. I love movies, music, books, television and probably on any given day can provide trivia answers to the most useless of things that would have you going WTF is she on?

So sit down, have a look around and hope you like what you see. If not, no worries man. Just move along, pay it forward and all those marvelous things you see in the Hallmark aisle, minus the maxine lookalikes.

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